French Superbike Championship

Poster Championnat de France Superbike - Le Mans - 25/26 March 2017The season's Opening on the Bugatti circuit is the first stage of the French Superbike that has become more and more, popular among fans.

The race will be featured on a 3-day weekend competition: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Friday will be fully dedicated to tryouts, with sessions of 45minutes for category Superbike & Supersport -- Pirelli Trophy and 30minutes for Objective Grand Prize - Pré Moto3 / Pré GP, Side Car, the annex races European Bikes  and Honda CBR500 R Cup.

The Saturday will open with the Weekend Race 1 starters -Side Car, European Bikes and Honda CBR500 R Cup

The pilots of the "queens category" Superbike & Supersport - Trophée Pirelli will jump start at the 45 minutes; they will be followed by the (protagonists of the Objective Grand Prize - Pre Moto3 / Pre GP with 2 runs of 30 minutes each.

The Sunday will be, passing arms for the entire paddock, heated exchanges. Races 2 in Side Car, European Bikes and Honda CBR500 RCup. But all the excitement, without a doubt, is focused on the categories of Superbike, Supersport - Trophée Pirelli and Objective Grand Prize.

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Site officiel :


Tickets will only be sold on site at the NORTH entrance (Musée des 24 Heures du Mans) and SOUTH entrance (Technoparc) of the circuit, according to the following schedule:

  Boutique Officielle des
24 Heures du Mans
NORTH Entrance SOUTH Entrance
Friday 24th March 10h – 18h 18h – 21h30 -
Saturday 25th March - 8h00 – 21h00 8h00 – 18h00
Sunday 26th March - 8h00 – 17h00 8h00 – 15h30



  Full price ACO CLUB price Disabled
Weekend General Entrance €20 €16  €16
Saturday General Entrance €16    
Sunday General Entrance €16    


Houx Parking/Camping

  • € 5 – for motorbikes
  • € 10 – for cars
  • Free parking outside the circuit


Access to the circuit is free for children under 16 (born after March, 26th 2001) with an adult.

For your information, payment by cheque is no longer accepted and only the NORTH and SOUTH entrance will be open.