CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Since 1906, the ACO has been structuring its development around strong social commitments and placing innovation firmly at the centre of its preoccupations. In 2021, the ACO decided to take on a new sustainable development challenge by structuring its CSR commitments around three key themes.


    The first of these brings together all of ACO’s existing commitments to the fight against climate change. Even if this part of sustainable development has been a part of ACO policy for many decades, it has now set out a new and clear objective on the matter: to become carbon neutral by reducing its CO2 emissions and actively supporting sustainable projects. One example of this is the commitment to hydrogen power, which has always been one of ACO’s key objectives.


    This second theme is essential to the organisation of any event. It covers all commitments concerning the sustainable management and positive territorial impacts of the circuits, meetings and products involved; it responds directly to the necessity of ensuring that all activities set the highest possible standards in terms of sustainable and balanced management practices. This commitment involves positive impacts on each ACO section.


    ACO has always placed social unity and mutual self-help at the heart of its development policies. Social commitment is a part of the 24 Hours of Le Mans DNA and Endurance sports are themselves based on such principles. This third theme covers all of the commitments that push for a society that will be more just, inclusive, equal, responsible and united. It responds to an objective which is primordial for the ACO: that all of its actions operate on a human-scale. By working towards sustainable mobility today, we are investing in the preservation of our future.