Message from the President

Dear Member,

The “Automobile Club de l’Ouest” and all its employees join me to welcome you through this website which will give you all the information related to our Club, but most importantly I hope it will convince you in the idea of becoming a member.

As the creator and organizer of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the ACO benefits from an enormous renown. However, it is important to highlight its often unknown commitment to better training and to information given to road users. For one of the ACO’s major objectives is to bring together enthusiasts, motorcyclists as well as car drivers, with the aim of defending their common interests and of sharing their passion every day.

Thanks to you and also to all permanent members of staff, volunteers and generations of car drivers who have trust it for 110 years, the ACO is an essential partner as part of the fight against road safety problems. It is the first car drivers’ representative to the government thanks to its branch “ 40 million d’automobilistes”, with an indisputable renown and decisive actions taken, both on the national as well as on the European level.

When becoming a member of our club you join a community of 80,000 enthusiastic members and beneficiaries. You will take part in in the life of our association and it will be your turn to become active and involved regarding common interests linked with an essential freedom: mobility.

As a member of our club, you will from now on benefit from the access to a large range of services, such as preferential rates to live your passion to the fullest, but also to assistance and protection to drive with confidence. In this capacity the ACO permanently organises driving licence points recovery courses, programmes about traffic control, awareness of danger, legal recourse and training for road users while giving you wise advice.

Do not hesitate anymore, as part of our large family, to sign up close relation and put your passion in the heart of the action.

The Management Committee and all the “Automobile Club de l’Ouest” staff.

Pierre FILLON - President of the Automobile Club de l'Ouest

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