Our activities


The Sports Direction groups together all the activities which are directly linked to the sporting competition and driving activities, whether it concerns cars, motorcycles or any other vehicle on wheels.

Our engineers in charge of the technical regulations of the 24 Hours cars, our staff dedicated to the track, whether it concerns the instructors, the track managers or the mechanics, they all have a passion and a long-standing interest in the motorsports in common, which enabled them to obtain a job at the « Automobile Club à l’Ouest », either because they have got a professional qualification in motorsports or because they have been volunteers for many years before joining our structure in another post.  

All more administrative functions linked to sports require a perfect knowledge of the organisation of sporting competitions as well as good knowledge of English, with a minimum of a 2-year post-secondary education.  


The communication revolves around several axes: sport and competition, outside events and institutional communication. As a key player in sporting events, the « Automobile Club à l’Ouest » needs high qualified professionals in the field of written and digital communication with an excellent level in English.

Marketing and Sales

The sales trades cover extremely diverse activities.

Firstly, the ones who are directly in contact with the public on the circuit and the surrounding area: sale of tickets for our events by telephone or by internet, sale of race driving courses on the Bugatti, sale of karting or simulator sessions at the « Karting International Alain Prost »,  and not to forget those in the Store of the Museum or in one of the eight agencies of the Large Ouest of France and Paris.

Further to having talent in selling, enjoying the contact with the public and having interest in our activities is necessary to succeed in these trades. 


Secondly, the ones that form our national and global sales development.

Qualified professionals in merchandising, marketing, B to B sales, from the management of key accounts to the management of media rights… they are all committed to allowing our clients and our partners to live the passion of the sporting events and the legend of the 24 Hours and the circuit.

If you have got a degree in sales or marketing with a 2-year to 5-year post-secondary education, you can find a job that meets your expectations at the « Automobile Club de l’Ouest ». Knowledge of English is also required for these functions.  

Cross-disciplinary Functions

You do not see them, but without them, nothing would be possible !

First of all, trades linked to the technical infrastructures (electricity, telephony, computer networks, works and green spaces) accessible with a « Bac Pro » (technical collage baccalaureate) and who work each day for the maintenance of our circuit. 

Then, all the team of the events logistics who work so that all our activities and installations are ready for the D-day, and not to forget our security control team who assure security  for the public on the site.

Last but not least the classical functions you can find in any company: the purchase, the legal, the accountancy, the financial and the human resources department, who are real partners.

The positions are open to different levels of qualification (2-year to 5-year post-secondary education) and English not always required.