The categories

Formula EWC

  • Minimum weight: 175 kg
  • Up to 1000 cc for 3 and 4-cylinder models
  • Up to 1200 cc for 2-cylinder models
  • Headlamp with a white light beam
  • Black number plate background

This is the premium category at the 24 Heures Motos. The general appearance of the machines must be in keeping with the homologated model. The fork, damper, swing arm, brakes, radiator and exhaust may be changed provided they are of the same type as the original model. A degree of freedom is granted to increase engine performance. These motorcycles are equipped with a quick wheel change system.


  • Minimum weight: 168 kg
  • Up to 1000 cc for 3 and 4-cylinder models
  • Up to 1200 cc for 2-cylinder models
  • Headlamp with a yellow light beam
  • Red number plate background

These motorcycles are very similar to the original and therefore to the production model. Modifications are limited, especially relating to the mapping of the electronic fuel injection units. The engine must remain in its original configuration. Reinforcing the clutch and changing the air filter, silencer, internal parts of the forks, rear suspension unit, countershaft sprocket and rear wheel sprocket are allowed, as is mounting a steering damper and a quick-fill device for refuelling. The original wheel fasteners shall be used, therefore good strategy and coordination will be required when changing the wheels on pit stops.


  • Minimum weight: 165 kg
  • From 600 cc to 1000 cc for 4-cylinder models
  • From 750 cc to 1350 cc for 3-cylinder models
  • Headlamp with a yellow light beam
  • Green number plate background

This class comprises motorcycles that are not homologated for the championship, or that have been modified beyond the bounds of the regulations. Experimental machines appear in the general classification of the race, but do not qualify for Endurance World Championship points. They may compete in the race if the Selection Committee considers the machine to be innovative and to have a technical interest. Electric machines are eligible for this class.