24h Le Mans
23/06/2010 21:21

Radical SR9 Judd: A real performance

Radical SR9 Judd: A real performance


Photo : Michel Legeay - ACO/NIKON


#28 – Race Performance ACG/ Radical SR9 Judd / Rostan-Meichtry-Bruneau / 18th (6th LM P2)

“It’s simply incredible! Before the race start, many competitors did not take us seriously, but I trusted the crew and drivers. This result is the best possible reward for their work. The race finish was highly emotional for the engineers and mechanics.” (Lorenz Krethlow, team manager)

The Race Performance team achieved a… great race performance indeed! They got ready for the Technical Verification and race only ten days after being invited. Under the leadership of the inseparable Bruneau and Rostan, the Swiss team received the chequered flag, a real feat for their first Le Mans start!

Julien Hergault

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