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05/12/2018 - 19:33

FIA WEC - 2020 Regulations, how much will It cost to race?

The regulations in force as of September 2020 aim to make top-flight competition accessible to more competitors.
FIA WEC - 2020 Regulations, how much will It cost to race?

What is the objective of these regulations? To allow teams to compete in the top class and be competitive with a budget set at 20 million euros for two cars over a full FIA WEC season, based on a five-year investment and commitment.

The technical regulations as they are defined will ensure that performance is less contingent on budget. Efficiency goals have been established to assess the budget.

Among the various measures taken to oversee team budgets, homologation of cars is valid for five years. There will be no need for a new car every year. Changes will be allowed within a restricted and regulated framework. The option will be given to a manufacturer to have one new car approved over the period of five years in order to meet the marketing expectations of marques.

Testing sessions during the season will be limited and significantly decreased from the current regulations. Personnel (technical staff who work on the car) is not to exceed 40 people for two cars. While competing outside Europe, they will only have access to the cars during events in order to limit testing and expenses during that time, allowing teams to manage their budgets and human resources more optimally.

Engines and hybrid systems will no longer use rare materials and they will be limited in number per year.

There will be a very restricted developmental window for aerodynamics.

There will only be one tyre manufacturer.  Three specifications of ‘slick/dry’ and two of ‘wet’ tyres will be available to all.