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16/04/2014 15:01

Allan McNish awarded the segrave trophy

The Royal Automobile Club today awarded the historic Segrave Trophy to FIA WEC World Champion, Allan McNish. Acknowledging the Scotsman

Allan McNish awarded the segrave trophy
Allan McNish awarded the segrave trophy


Photo : DR / LGMP Photographic


Speaking at the awards Tom Purves, Chairman of the Royal Automobile Club, said: ‘Two of the qualities we award the Segrave trophy for are outstanding skill and courage. Allan certainly showed his skill and natural talent from his earliest days in a racing car. He has also proved himself in one of the toughest areas of motorsport; 24-hour endurance racing. In awarding him this trophy, the Club is acknowledging those essential qualities as much as the considerable achievement of winning the Tourist Trophy, Le Mans and the Championship in the same season. As he retires we honour one of this country’s great racing drivers.’

Upon receiving the trophy, Allan said “I am extremely honoured to receive this prestigious trophy. I have tried to tick all the boxes in my racing career, and excel in every kind of racing I have taken part in. I’d also like to accept it on behalf of all those who have helped me achieve success in my career, both those in the teams I have raced with, and my family.’

About the Segrave Trophy

The Segrave trophy is named after British pilot and pre-war racing driver Sir Henry Segrave; a man who pushed himself and his machines to the very limit in the pursuit of ultimate speed. He was the first man to hold both land and water speed records, though the latter would cost him his life in 1930. With such drive and determination in mind, the trophy is awarded for ‘outstanding skill, courage and initiative on land, water and in air – the Spirit of Adventure’.

Previous holders of the trophy have included Amy Johnson (1932), Donald Campbell (1958), Sir Jackie Stewart (1973) and Carl Fogarty (1994).

- FIA WEC press release -

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