Sanitary protocol - 24 Heures Camions


You have a ticket for the 2021 24H Camions

  1. You will need to show a health pass to enter the circuit (applies to all spectators aged over 17).
  2. You may also need to show an identity document.

The health pass shall be presented on arrival at the circuit and requires proof of one of the following:

  • A negative PCR or antigen test result from within the last 72 hrs           
  • You are fully vaccinated                                       
  • A positive PCR test result, dated more than 11 days and no more than 6 months beforehand

If tested or vaccinated in France, you can download a 2D-DOC QR Code via the French TousAntiCovid application or via the SI-DEP web platform.

*Proof of a negative Covid test within the last 72 hours for large events where the Health Pass is required. In France, after a RT-PCR and antigen test, your result is entered into the SI-DEP system by the healthcare professional and a certificate is produced. This can be printed out and is also sent to the patient by email and text message containing a link to the SI-DEP platform. The patient can then import this proof into the TousAntiCovid application. To do so:

  • Use the paper document or PDF file obtained via Si-DEP along with the test result 
  • Scan the QR Code found on the left-hand side of the document
  • Click on the link on the Si-DEP platform, which imports the test result directly into the Wallet in the TousAntiCovid app.

The test validity period (72 hours) for admission to the circuit is non-negotiable (no 2-3 day tolerance).
**Full vaccination, which is acquired:

  • 7 days after the second injection of a two-dose vaccination (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca)        
  • 28 days after injection of a single-dose vaccination (Johnson & Johnson)                     
  • 7 days after injection of a single dose for persons who have recovered from Covid-19 (single injection).

Since 27 May, anyone who has been vaccinated in France (including those vaccinated before 3 May) can obtain a vaccination certificate from the Assurance Maladie patient platform. You can also consult a healthcare professional of your choice – they will be able to obtain and print out your certificate. Once you have your vaccine certificate, scan the QR Code on the right to import and store it on your phone, via the Wallet in the TousAntiCovid app.

***Positive RT-PCR or antigen test showing that you have recovered from Covid-19, at least 11 days and no more than 6 months old:
Positive test results (RT-PCR or antigen), at least two weeks and no more than 6 months old, attest to a reduced risk of Covid-19 reinfection. Follow the procedure described above to recover your positive test result via SI-DEP.

How to get a 2D-DOC QR Code?

After your test, use the link in the text message sent via SI-DEP to obtain this code.
If you no longer have access to the link in the text message, you can obtain your certificates via the SI-DEP web platform at the end of your vaccination cycle: go to

What do I need to show at the circuit entrance?
It is recommended that you show a digital certificate (which you can download to the Wallet in the TousAntiCovid app). However, you can also show a PDF document on your mobile or a printed document.

What about foreign health certificates?
Spectators from Europe (other than France) are asked to check that their country has introduced the European Health Pass. If not, you must have a PCR or antigen test once in France.
Non-European spectators must have a PCR or antigen test less than 72 hours before arriving in France.