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For this year’s 24H Motos, Club ACO has two special member areas where you can enjoy the race and entertainment in style!

Club ACO members’ area – Georges Durand (T17) and ACO (T18) grandstands

One benefit of your ACO membership is access to grandstands T17 and T18 located just across from the garages, next to the ACO headquarters. Luggage lockers are available and can be accessed during grandstand opening hours. Other benefits include special rates at the bar, catering, and a lounge area where you can keep up with the track action on the screens while you recharge your mobile devices! Free toilets and showers.

Grandstand access is reserved for ACO members, who may be accompanied by one non-member. Members must present their membership cards.

Opening times:

  • Friday 19 April: 09:00–23:00 (T17 only)
  • Saturday 20 April: 08:00–02:00
  • Sunday 21 April: 07:00–16:00

For access to member areas, pick up a wristband (to be worn all weekend) at the special desk behind Grandstand T17. Open: Friday 19 April, 09:00–18:00, Saturday 20 April, 08:00–20:00, Sunday 21 April, 08:00–14:00.

Terrace 24 (formerly Club des loges)

Enjoy a special welcome at this venue in the heart of the Race Village. Use the entrance from the main village square to the right of the Welcome building, towards the end of the Pit Straight. ACO members benefit from special rates at the Terrace 24 bar and can relax in the lounge area with its TV screens and magnificent view over the Pit Straight and acceleration lane. Toilets.

Opening times :

  • Saturday 20 April: 09:00–00:00
  • Sunday 21 April: 08:00–16:00

Passes for the ACO member area and Terrace 24 should be collected from the club stand behind Georges Durand (T17) Grandstand. Passes are not given out anywhere else. Open :

  • Friday 19 April: 09:00–18:00
  • Saturday 20 April: 08:00–20:00
  • Sunday 21 April: 08:00–14:00

Both venues are reserved for ACO members, who may be accompanied by one non-member (partner, spouse, friend, etc.). Members must present their membership cards.

Guided tours :

Take a guided tour for a peek behind the scenes and a chance to visit some key spots around the circuit during the race. Tours are run by the Sarthe ACO delegation.

Opt for the VIP tour, which lasts around 45 minutes, and head through the utility tunnel under the track, visit the paddocks, one of the grandstands, and the panoramic deck on the third floor.
Or choose the Premium visit, which lasts an hour and also includes the race control room, the commentary box and the press room.

Introduce a new member to the Club while at the circuit and enjoy a VIP visit (for you and the new member). If you have been a member for at least five years, you can also take a VIP tour (you and the person of your choice). If you have been a member for at least ten years, you can take a Premium tour (you and the person of your choice).

Sign up for a tour at the counter on the ground floor of Grandstand T17 (Saturday 20 April, 10:30–13:00 and 15:00–21:45, and Sunday 21 April 09:30–12:00).

Join the club!

Join Club ACO and pick up tickets at exclusive rates.

The ACO Racing Moto offer is a VIP package for the motorcycle racing events and includes two grandstand seats for the 24H Motos and the French motorcycle Grand Prix (subject to availability).

The ACO also provides a real community for bikers, with special rates all year round on track activities such as training, taster sessions and track days. 

Take out membership for the first time over the 24H Motos weekend and choose between 15% off the price of your selected membership deal or a refund of a €17.75 (equal to the difference between the public general enclosure ticket price  (€71) and ACO member general enclosure ticket price (€53.25)).

And if you know of a visitor who already has a ticket, why not invite them to join the Club? If they become an ACO member, the Club will refund them the difference between the general public ticket price and the special member rate, meaning a saving of €17.75.

As a Club ACO member, for every new member you introduce, you can receive a €15 voucher, valid from 19–21 April 2019 in official ACO stores at the Le Mans circuit (no minimum spend) or opt for a guided tour for two people.

Non-members can join up at the Club membership counters at the North entrance, or in the village, paddock and the official store inside the 24 Hours Museum.