Gender equality ACO

Following the signing of the company agreement on professional equality between women and men dated December 10, 2019, several figures from a study conducted within the Automobile Club de l’Ouest can be find here.

Business name : Automobile Club de L’Ouest

Company declaration range : 50 to 250 Employees

ACO workforce : 171 employees

Reference period : Start 1st January 2021 – 31st December 2021

Overall Score Women – Men : not calculable (2 out of 4 calculable indicators)
Note : The pay gap between women and men : 39/40
Note : Number of employees of the sex underrepresented among the 10 highest remunerations : 5/10

Note : Difference in rate of pay inscreases between women and men : X/35 (Indicator not calculable due to the absence of individual raises in 2021)
Note : Percentage of employees pay increased in the year following ther return from maternity leave : X/15 (Indicator not calculable due to lack of raises during leaves in 2021)

SOURCE : Ministry of Labor – Egapro Index : The tool for calculating your gender equality professional index.