17/02/2021 - 18:01

What everyone should have in their car in winter

Here is a list of items to keep in your vehicle to be prepared for whatever winter weather may bring.
What everyone should have in their car in winter

A squeegee or scraper for the windshields and windows

For the everyone's safety, it is crucial to clear windshields, windows and headlights, so don't forget your scraper in winter. Manufacturers have made improvements to make scraping faster and less unpleasant, and now some even come equipped with a glove for protection.

A bottle of windshield washer fluid

To ensure good visibility at all times, remember to check the level of your windshield washer fluid regularly. Keep a bottle in your trunk to fill the tank in case the level becomes too low.

Battery cables

Low temperatures cause batteries to drain faster and recharge slower. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, be prepared. Keep a pair of battery cables in your trunk in case your battery fails to start.

Replacement bulbs

Particularly in winter, it is important to be seen clearly by other motorists and to be able to see the road ahead. Keep several replacement headlight bulbs in your car. In fact, you should immediately replace a defective bulb or may be subject to a fine. 

A pair of gloves

The cold can quickly make clearing your windshield, installing tire chains or charging your battery very uncomfortable, so make sure you have a warm pair of gloves in your car at all times in winter.

A survival blanket

You may never use it, but you will certainly be glad to have it if you ever need it. Weather conditions or an accident can prevent you from reaching your destination. A heavy duty blanket may be the difference between life and death in winter depending upon the situation.

A safety vest and road triangles

To ensure better protection in an emergency situation, road triangles and a safety vest are must-haves in any vehicle. Failure to comply may be penalized by a fourth class fine (fixed fine of 135 euros).

Non-perishable food items and bottles of water

In case of an emergency situation wherein you are stuck or stranded for an extended period of time (especially if children are present).