24h Le Mans
14/09/2017 12:01

The rebirth of the mythical Porsche 908 long tail from the 1969 24 Hours of Le Mans

It was an intense and insane undertaking: to create a modern version of the Porsche 908 LH (long tail) from the 1969 24 Hours of Le Mans. The project took two years and 5,000 man-hours with one simple motivating factor, passion. Their reward came in the form of Porsche setting about producing a model of the 908/04.

There exists a Porsche fan to trump all others and his name is Alan Derosier. The French designer expatriate living in Shanghai managed to convince three of his colleagues to join him. When their offices emptied at the end of each work day, the four accomplices threw themselves into creating a modern version of the Porsche 908 LH (langheck for long tail in German) introduced by Porsche in 1968.

Let's be clear here, we are in no way talking about something thrown together haphazardly. This is a true to life scale model whose interior is just as impressive as the exterior is stunning. To imbue their design with the spirit of Porsche, they took their inspiration from various other models, including the 918 Spyder. In the end, the project has proved itself an unmitigated success that Porsche has gone so far as to endorse, even calling the car the 908/04, the heir to the 908/01, 908/02 and 908/03 (none of which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, leaving that honor instead to the 917K). The project went from a 3D design to the real world, to the abject delight of its designers. Check out their story and video at this dedicated website!


VIDEO: YouTube - Porsche

PHOTO (Copyright - Porschevisiongt.com): The team of designers poses with the original Porsche 908 and the scale model of the 908/04.

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