20/12/2017 14:00

Message for Martin Goureau

In memory of Martin Goureau, the Automobile Club de l’Ouest track safety manager, who passed away suddenly last weekend.

Message for Martin Goureau

To you Martin,  

In moments like these words seem totally inadequate. Perhaps just those simple ones that come straight from the heart are the most appropriate.  

Martin, you were one of the best.  

Honest, kind, funny, complainer, sensitive, smiling, ambitious, stubborn, likeable, rigorous, generous, professional, sporting, mischievous are all adjectives that describe you and there are probably some missing. As the ACO track safety manager you were really passionate about motor sport and sailing, your job and above all about life. As you liked to put it, over the years you had become the “actor of your life.”

In our sport there are many pit stops: a fill-up, a tyre change, repairs and off again. But you Martin, you were cut down in your prime at the half-distance mark. Life can be so unfair and cruel. The curtain has come down far too soon – you were only 41.  

You arrived as a controller at the medical centre, and you were then taken on as chief track logistics manager after which you climbed the steps on the Automobile Club de l’Ouest ladder and made your mark thanks to your qualities, your drive and your professionalism. You gained everybody’s respect in your favourite field – track safety. Instinctively you had a real perspective on racing – a rare gift.  

Martin, our dear colleague, we all have a joke, an anecdote, an image in our memories about you.  

And today you have left us stunned, haggard, bereft. 

Without you race control now seems empty. Like the paddock and the pit lane on which you were always walking up and down and all those other spots on the circuit where it was always fun to bump into you. What will tomorrow’s events and races be like? We’re going to have to learn to live without you, experience the Le Mans 24 Hours without your outbursts, your attack of the blues at the finish and without your voice in our radios. In your own way you were THE voice for many of us in your own particular style when it came to repeating everything to get your orders across or tell a few jokes!   

You were a great dad, a loving son, an ever-present brother, a sincere friend and a colleague always ready to lend a hand. You marked us all in one way or another.  

Our Martin or “Tintin” you will remain forever in our hearts. 

From where you are now breathe inspiration into us all as well as your never-give-up spirit and your boundless energy to help us pursue our passion after the traumatic experience of your death.  

We already miss you and give you a warm hug. 

We send our deepest condolences and our loving thoughts to your family, your children and to your nearest and dearest.        

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