24h Le Mans
18/12/2017 19:31

Jamiroquai to turn up the volume at Le Mans in 2018

On Friday, June 15, 2018, Jamiroquai will perform at the concert stage of the 24-hour circuit.

Jamiroquai to turn up the volume at Le Mans in 2018

After a first appearance in 2003, the British band fronted by Jay Kay - a motorsport fan and automobile collector - will return to Le Mans after many other artists, both French and international, have taken the stage over the years for the 24 Hours.

Between Jamiroquai in 2003 and Kool & The Gang in 2017, there has been something for every musical taste and preference, with namely Julian Perretta, Cali, Charlie Winston, Alpha Blondy, Earth Wind & Fire, Gérald de Palmas, Amir, Shaka Ponk, Raphael, Razorlight, UB40 and The Stranglers...from pop-rock to funk, from thematic music to reggae by way of folk and pure rock 'n roll!

PHOTOS (from left to right): Cali in 2015, Julian Peretta and The Strangers in 2009.

PHOTOS (from left to right): Asaf Avidan in 2013, Shaka Ponk in 2013 and Kool & The Gang in 2017

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