24h Le Mans
05/12/2018 - 19:36

FIA WEC - Regulations 2020, the Cars in the Top Class

As of September 2020, the top tier of endurance racing will involve sleek, edgy, distinctive designs.
FIA WEC - Regulations 2020, the Cars in the Top Class

These cars turn the heads of experts and newcomers alike. They stand out in a crowd and are an asset for manufacturers looking to make their mark in endurance racing. Hypercars are extreme prototypes or derived from limited edition chassis. They are fielded by constructors and private teams alike and embody ultra-sportiness, competition, speed, adrenaline, passion, an outrageousness that excites or, at the very least, leaves no one indifferent. For both constructors and spectators, they are instantly recognizable by marque as well. On the track, fans and teams alike will immediately know THEIR car.  

The design of the hypercars is spectacular and stunning. The regulations cover aerodynamics development, with the lines of the cars now more than ever a function of the aesthetics. The cars’ allure is thus guaranteed with performance levels safeguarded despite aerodynamic “restrictions,” with a performance goal of 3m22.00 during qualifying at the Le Mans circuit and 3m27.00 for the race.