24h Le Mans
13/06/2018 - 23:46

Fernando Alonso (Toyota): "Traffic is easier at night!"

After his first night-time driving experience during testing sessions at the Portimão circuit in Portugal, this evening Fernando Alonso found out exactly what the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit is like after the sun goes down.
Fernando Alonso (Toyota): "Traffic is easier at night!"

Fernando Alonso: "It was important to do some night-time laps this evening (his car was credited with the fastest time at the session, Ed.). We'll have another opportunity tomorrow which is good because you have to find points of reference for braking. It's a fantastic circuit during the day and different but just as great at night. Today was really a session for the drivers, and I hope we'll be able to stay on the track awhile tomorrow to perfect our preparations. I first hit this track for Test Day, but now it's the real deal. We're taking very good care of the car to preserve as much as possible for the race. We learned a lot today, especially tonight! We're getting ready as best we can. We've done good work up until now but it's only the first day."

The Spanish two-time F1 world champion also became aware of one very important factor of the 24 Hours: the difference in temperature between day and night. "We worked a lot with the tires because the temperature plummets at night which can really affect the behavior of the car. On the other hand, traffic is easier at night because with the lights on the car, slower competitors can see you better!"


PHOTO (Copyright - Michel Jamin/ACO): Fernando Alonso discovered night-time driving at Le Mans during the first qualifying session this evening.