24h Karting
18/09/2019 - 10:30

Felipe Massa to be starter of the 2019 24 Hours Karting

The President of the FIA International Karting Committee (CIK FIA) Felipe Massa is to give the start of the 34th annual 24 Hours Karting in Le Mans on Saturday 28 September.
Felipe Massa to be starter of the 2019 24 Hours Karting

Formula One vice-world champion in 2008, with 269 Grand Prix starts and 11 wins to his name, having driven for the likes of Sauber, Ferrari and Williams with illustrious partners such as Jacques Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa will be giving the starting orders at the forthcoming 24 Hours Karting. Brazilian Massa was appointed head of the CIK FIA last year, having begun his racing career on the go-kart track. After giving the start of the 24 Hours Karting, he will be staying on to watch the race.

François Bourdin, President of ASK ACO“We’re honoured to have Felipe Massa here with us for the race. Karting is the foundation of racing driver training, whether they go on to sprint or endurance races. It can be practised at any age. It’s a great springboard and it’s open to all. Many champions started out in a go-kart and it’s gratifying to see that they never forget their first love, as Felipe Massa has proved with his implication in the discipline and very special role at this year’s 24 Hours Karting.”​