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02/04/2019 - 10:22

eSport: Spa, final qualifying round of the Le Mans Esports Series season

The final qualifying round of the Le Mans Esports Series is underway, so feel free to go after a spot in the regional finals (one each for the Europe, America and Asia zones) that will all end with one gamer qualified for the main event in June, the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans.
eSport: Spa, final qualifying round of the Le Mans Esports Series season

Image yourself at the helm of a Ferrari 330 P4, your controller (or steering wheel) in hand, heading toward the famous Raidillon corner. The sixth and final qualifying round of the Le Mans Esports Series's first season is a real challenge! The Ferrari 330 P4, shared by Mike Parkes and Ludovico Scarfiotti, that took on the 1000 km of Spa back 1967 is certainly not the easiest car to drive, a stark contrast with the more modern cars used in preceding rounds (the Audi R18 and cars from the GT1 and Group C classes). To qualify, gamers will have to master the 330's downforce and tame the toboggan of the Ardennes!

A few standout gamers seen since the beginning of the season of the Le Mans Esports Series have agreed to give us their thoughts on the dynamics between the Ferrari 330 P4 and the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

For JSR AziDhk, taking the wheel of the Ferrari is a leap into the unknown: "Spa is one of my favorite circuits in Forza Motorsport. I've never driven the Ferrari, but I think I'm going to like it." The 330 is indeed an "old-fashioned" car with few aerodynamic additions. "I'm not terribly comfortable with cars with a lot of downforce, so the Ferrari should suit me well."

Bbbb0x - who currently holds the world's fastest time - expects the round will be quite challenging. "The Ferrari has a tendency to take off at high speed and become unstable starting with the Eau Rouge, so it'll be interesting! I prefer these cars over the modern LMPs." Gamer LSEM The Butler agrees: "The Ferrari 330 P4 is a raw car that requires the driver to focus on the next turn, and then the next. What makes Spa tricky is going through the turns quickly one after the other. This qualifying round is very interesting because we all have the same car with the same basic settings."

"I like Spa with its fluid turns and high speed areas," explains JOTA Commando. "The Ferrari, on the other hand, is the hardest car I've had to drive at this circuit. Going through the Eau Rouge at high speed without faltering requires a great deal of luck." The gamer recently posted a video having trouble taking the famous turn, but has also already managed to clock an excellent time.

The gamers are clearly looking forward to this final qualifying round at the wheel of an outstanding car on a top-notch track. For one driver in particular though, this final race presents more of an obstacle than others, and that's LZR ForceOne: "I've had a love/hate relationship with Spa-Francorchamps throughout my career. It's a remarkable circuit with a lot of history, but for me it has never meshed well with my style of driving. But, since I do like vintage cars, maybe things will turn out well for me!"

We wish everyone the best in the competition! It's open to all, so fire up your Xbox One! The round is accessible even without an Xbox Live subscription. 

For more info, go to LeMansEsports.com.