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13/03/2019 09:54

eSport: bbbb0x, LSEM The Butler and Eternitum qualify at Sebring

Bbbb0x, LSEM The Butler and Eternitum succeeded in qualifying this past weekend at the Sebring round of the Le Mans Esports Series. Selected during the Europe, Asia and America phases respectively, the three online competitors will form a driver line-up for the virtual grand finale to take place in June during the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Here's a closer look at the three gamers just as the FIA WEC drivers hit the track at the Sebring circuit in Florida.

eSport: bbbb0x, LSEM The Butler and Eternitum qualify at Sebring

America zone – Latam United Motorsport team member and professional Forza Motorsport driver, Eternitum: "I would like to dedicate this win to my regular teammates (LSEM_Zero and MEXSENNA, Ed.) and thank them for being with me during my preparation for Le Mans." Now that Eternitum has qualified, he will join forces with the two other Sebring winners. He cannot count on team qualification, which will come after the last round of Spa. "I couldn't pass up the chance to win this race. I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to clinch first place and experience what comes next." Note there was contact made between Harmonic and TX3 Bilysoo during the race which pushed them to fourth and fifth places at the finish.

Asia zone – Light Speed Endurance Motorsport team member LSEM The Butler: JSR AziDhk and JSR Craviator made it to the checkered flag before him, but LSEM The Butler scored his invitation to the virtual grand finale at Le Mans after an Asia round dominated by Japspeed Racing. The Light Speed Endurance Motorsport team will be well represented in June. "It's an honor for me to be associated with such great drivers (bbbb0x and Eternitum, Ed.)." This team leader had accumulated plenty of laps as a way of training and optimizing his speed on the bumpy Floridian track, and it paid off!

Europe zone – German driver bbbb0x: JOTA Commando won the Sebring round, but bbbb0x secured his spot at the finale. Worth noting is French driver G2 Laige's third place finish. A top Forza Motorsport competitor in France and internationally, G2 Laige was one of three French gamers along with Vitality Asix and Williams Seven. Not yet qualified, G2 Laige, Vitality Asix and ESC Chris have formed Red Baguette Racing and are looking to win the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans in June if they are granted an invitation.

The qualifying round at Spa-Francorchamps is next on the Le Mans Esports Series calendar. Competitors will need to rack up laps between 29 March and 11 April to make it into the top 10 from one of the three regions. Up for grabs are a race win and possibly a spot at the grande finale. For info and to register, go to lemansesports.com

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