24h Le Mans
18/06/2017 15:41

24 Hours of Le Mans - LMGTE Pro winner reactions

The last hour of the race included a stunning duel eventually won by Aston Martin Racing after Jonny Adam was finally able to overtake Jordan Taylor in the Corvette. It's the British marque's first win at Le Mans since the creation of the LMGTE Pro class in 2011.

24 Hours of Le Mans - LMGTE Pro winner reactions

Jonny Adam: "My car was great in the final stint. We had to grab the opportunity. I came too hard into the turn. I managed to keep the car on the track. We were all very quick. The car had no problems at all. It's great to be able to fight throughout the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It's a dream come true. I started out in karting when I was seven. I'm lucky to have two great co-drivers. We really focused on this race and it paid off."

Darren Turner: "Jonny's last stint was exceptional. He held his own against the pressure from Corvette. It's the most incredible GT race I've ever done. As for the weather and the heat, yes it was a hot race, not as bad as 2005 but almost as epic. This win, along with the Spirit of Le Mans award given to David Richards, really shows what Aston Martin is all about. It was a tremendous battle with Corvette and now we can celebrate the Vantage's final season."

Daniel Serra: "I've been doing tyre tests for Dunlop for two and a half years. The team knew me and we entered into discussions last year and signed a contract. I'm really grateful to Dunlop. We took pole on Thursday and we won - not bad for a rookie. It's the most famous race in the world, it's unbelievable. I've got a long history with Dunlop. When Aston Martin was looking for a driver for its tyre tests, Dunlop told them there was a driver in Brazil, so I tested for Aston Martin and that's how it all began."

Jean Philippe Doret
translated by Nikki Ehrhardt
written by Jean Philippe Doret
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