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09/06/2019 - 20:01

24 Hours of Le Mans: All You Need to Know - Technical Checks at Scrutineering

24 Hours of Le Mans race week traditionally kicks off with the administrative and technical checks, jointly called Scrutineering. The first serves to confirm all necessary paperwork is in order, the second (read more below) is when the marshals check to ensure all driver equipment and cars are in compliance with the regulations.
24 Hours of Le Mans: All You Need to Know - Technical Checks at Scrutineering

Marshals are looking to check the conformity of the cars with the established technical regulations. Under the tents, cars pass a battery of tests in three stages: weight and dimensions, the undercarriage of the car and safety. The cars are carefully examined and measured to verify they comply with the homologation form provided by the manufacturers.

The technical marshals are focused on safety. Everything is scrutinised: from the fire extinguisher to the harness by way of the seat and lighting, not forgetting the transponder. As they work, the marshals take note of the results of their inspections, which are then communicated to the manager of each team to make any changes.

So, are the technical checks now a done deal? Not exactly: certain measurements can only be made when the car is moving via an electronic box that records data and is embedded in every car. Lastly, after each qualifying session and after the race, the cars are placed in a parc fermé with the teams barred from touching the car before additional checks are carried out. The classification remains provisional until the checks are completed.

Once the checks are done, it's time for the official group photo with the entire team and its car or cars. This is a moment fans wait patiently for behind safety barriers and the first time drivers make themselves available for autographs and selfies.

After Scrutineering, the competitors will be given the green light to hit the track for the free practice and qualifying sessions on Wednesday.

Until tomorrow for the administrative phase of Scrutineering!

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PHOTO: Jackie DC Chan Racing's #38 ORECA 07-Gibson submitting to technical checks during Scrutineering for the 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans at the Place de la République.

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