24h Le Mans
26/04/2018 16:00

24 Heures du Mans 2018 - Concert line-up announced

As usual, the Automobile Club de l’Ouest treats fans to three free concerts at the circuit during the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This year Texas, Arcadian and Black Minou head the line-up. The venue for all three is the stage at the foot of the Dunlop Footbridge on the outside of the track.

24 Heures du Mans 2018 - Concert line-up announced


Wednesday 13 June 2018
20:00 Tremplin RTL2 - Radio contest

ARCADIAN came to the fore in the 5th series of the French version of The Voice. Both "Folie Arcadienne" and "Ton combat" were hits en 2017. Yoann, Florentin and Jérôme form an inseparable trio, emblematic of their carefree, spirited, digital-native generation. The group do pop with an vigorous rock attitude and their “basement band” camaraderie transpires on stage. Arcadian deliver an energetic performance of radiant melodies with their voices mingling and unravelling in perfect harmony.

Thursday 14 June 2018
20:00 Tremplin RTL2 - Radio contest
21:00 Dr Feelgood

Dr FEELGOOD started out in Canvey Island, Essex in 1971 and were well-known for their distinctive R&B sound. Their tight-fitting black suit and tie outfits, on-stage vibrancy and no-messing compositions like Roxette And Back in the Night propelled them to the fore of the British pub rock scene.
Wilko Johnson’s choppy guitar style and Lee Brilleaux’s voice influenced many French groups, including Téléphone.


Friday 15 June 2018
20:00 - Her
21:00 - Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai, the British Group led by the charismatic Jay Kay has imposed its style resulting in the sale of more than 35 million albums worldwide in a career lasting almost 25 years. Who does not remember hits like Cosmic Girl, You Give Me Something as well as Virtual Insanity? 
After an absence of almost seven years Jamiroquai is making his big comeback to centre stage with a new studio album, Automaton, released in 2017.

Saturday16 June 2018
20:30 Tremplin RTL2 - Radio contest
22:40 TEXAS
00:15 DJ LORAN (RTL2)

Yarol & Black Minou lets his imagination run wild. With an instinct for aesthetics, he explores musical realms with an insatiable appetite, ranging from rock to blues, to punk, hip-hop, afrobeat, funk, soul and electro - he loves it all, provided it gets you dancing, sweating even. And if it can be electrifying, all the better! Johnny Hallyday’s former guitarist surfs different styles, with the sole aim of inciting feverish excitement.
TEXAS, "Life's too short, let's work it out" is the visionary, all-too-relevant chorus of the fist single of Jump on Board, the brilliant studio album by British group Texas. Their ninth album is the sound of a band at ease with itself, comfortable in its skin, jammed full of songs influenced by Northern Soul, disco and founding fathers like the Bee-Gees or Orange Juice. Texas have never been afraid to do their own thing. They’ve been around a long time, sold some 40 million albums and their latest offering is characteristic of their style with flourishes that hark back to well-loved hits like "Say What You Want", "Halo", "Black-Eyed Boy" and "Summer Son". The group has never seemed so alive, so vibrant and eager for more. “We feel revigorated” smiles Sharleen. “It’s time to really let ourselves go. It’s a new start. This is a new chapter in our story and we’re loving it.”

Support acts will be announced by RTL2 at a later date.

*Free to 24 Hours of Le Mans ticket-holders and under-sixteens accompanied by an adult.

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