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18/09/2016 16:05

2016 - 2017 Asian Le Mans Series 31 full season entries !

After having finished its first season in January in Sepang with 20 cars the grid of the second season will enjoy a 50% growth!

2016 - 2017 Asian Le Mans Series 31 full season entries !

15 prototypes (4 LMP2, 10 LMP3 and 1 CN)
The LMP2 class will see a battle between two Ligier JSP2 and two Oreca 03R, represented by two European teams and a Chinese one: Jackie Chan DC Racing, the world famous movie star having joined David Cheng Racing’s campaign in the Asian Le Mans Series.

Race Performance, from Switzerland, is joining us once more in the LMP2 class, as well as Algarve Pro Racing, from Portugal, who has also returned this season, this time with an impressive entry of two Ligier JSP2 sport-prototypes. The effort the three teams have made to find the budget to take part in this Asian series shows their dedication to the Asian Le Mans Series and helps promote the LMP2 class in Asia, and every entry is greatly welcomed.

For its part, the LMP3 class clearly seems to be taking off, with 7 of the 9 teams being from Asia. Three brands are represented this season, the Ligier JS P3, the Ginetta LMP3 and the ADESS 03.

After taking part last season in the GT Class, ARC Bratislava have decided to enter in the LMP3 class this season, bringing two Ginetta LMP3 to the field. Two other teams have also entered the Ginetta LMP3 for the 2016-2017 season – Aylezo Racing and PRT Racing, both teams who took part in the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup over the summer this year.

Also joining us from the Sprint Cup, are Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup champion Jackie Chan DC Racing, with their Ligier JS P3, PS Racing with their ADESS 03, and Wineurasia also entering a Ligier JS P3. This clearly shows that the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup helped in reaching the number of entries in the LMP3 class, with 5 teams continuing their journey from the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup into endurance racing.

To these entries we can add three new teams to the Series, all entering the Ligier JS P3 – SPV Racing from Spain, FRD Racing Team from Hong Kong, and G-Print by Triple 1 Racing from Taiwan.

Also making the transition from Sprint to Endurance will be the PS Racing Ligier JS53, representing the CN Class once more after a solid performance in the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup.

16 cars and 8 brands in GT
The GT Class has seen an incredible increase in entries. 15 GT3 cars from 7 different brands will be battling it out this season for what will probably be an amazing show. A solid 80% of the teams are from Asia, with just two teams representing Europe: Spirit of Race from Switzerland, with their Ferrari 488 GT3, and new team VS Racing from Italy, who have entered a Lamborghini Huracan GT3.

It is great to have last year’s GT Class Champions – Clearwater Racing – back with us, this time with a Ferrari 488 GT3. After the team won the series last season, they went on to take part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, coming 4th in class, a great result for the Singaporean team.

Another familiar team to the Asian Le Mans Series – Team AAI – have signed up four cars: two McLaren 650 GT3, a Mercedes AMG GT3 and a BMW M6 GT3. Other familiar teams include Absolute Racing, who are entering two cars, a Bentley GT3 and an Audi R8 GT3, and KCMG, who have moved up from the Cup Class to enter an Audi R8 LMS GT3.

Other new teams joining us for the 2016-2017 season are Team BBT from China, DH Racing from Hong Kong with two entries, OD Racing from Malaysia, and FFF Racing by ACM from China.

Having won the GT Cup class in the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup, Team NZ are joining us for the Asian Le Mans Series with their Porsche 997 Cup. They are currently the only entry in the GT Cup Class, but we are expecting race by race entries in the class during the season.

Cyrille Taesch Wahlen, Asian Le Mans Series Managing Director: “I am very happy that we have such an impressive full season entry list for what will only be the second season of the Asian Le Mans Series since the ACO took over 18 months ago. The season starts in 6 weeks and I just cannot wait to see all these cars in Zhuhai. The work that has been done with the teams and the relationship we are building with them is paying off. The development of our activities in Asia clearly makes sense and meets a demand. Furthermore, having such a balance between prototypes and GT cars is perfect because this is exactly what Le Mans is about!”

2016/2017 Asian Le Mans Series Full Season Final Entry List

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